Talkative Chair 
"The text of this chair simply refers to a diary entry written while sitting on our balcony in Bali where the chair itself would ultimately be placed.
Here is the complete text:
I very much love sitting here looking out over the Sayan Ridge with a large pot of coffee and a medium size cigar and letting my mind go. Life is still good. Just saw a spectacular sunrise and now the incredible lush greens of the rice paddies pop my eyes out.
My big toe appears to be very dirty.
But it's just a bit of congealed blood underneath my skin, acquired during a morning walk through the jungle with John. The small mosquitoes are a pain, so tiny they are basically invisible. Their bites itch for days even without scratching.
Stop sitting here staring into the air.
Better get going! Take a shower and start the day proper, there certainly is enough to do here, I have already a whole list ready to go."
Stefan Sagmeister


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